Stellaris Wiki

Ships are interstellar vehicles that are used to interact with certain things in Stellaris.

Civilian Ships[]

Civilian ships are describe all unarmed utility ships that are controllable within an empire. They will automatically upgrade components to the next level when researched free of charge and instantly.

Construction Ship[]

Construction ships are used to build all kinds of Space Stations and Megastructures. They can be ordered to build the following:

Build Order




Outpost 100 Alloys

75 Influence for every hyperlane to nearest owned territory

1 Energy Credit The Starbase is a space station used to claim star systems and expand your borders. It can only be built in orbit around a star. The full cost is dependent on which star system is being claimed.
Mining Station 100 Minerals 1 Energy Credit Mining Stations are used to collect Minerals, Energy Credits and Strategic Resources from uninhabited planets, stars and asteroids. Mining Stations that collect Energy do not cost any upkeep.
Research Station 100 Minerals 1 Energy Credit Research Stations are used to collect Physics, Society and Engineering research data from uninhabited planets, stars and asteroids.
Observation Post 100 Minerals 1 Energy Credit Observation Posts can be built in orbit around planets inhabited by primitive civilizations to study their society.
Megastructure Site Alloys and Influence (varies per megastructure) Energy Credits (varies per Megastructre Megastructures are truly massive construction projects only possible in the zero-g environment of space.

Science Ship[]

Science ships are used to explore and survey the galaxy.

When assigned a scientist the Science Ship can survey all celestial bodies within a system, also revealing the resources said celestial body contains, while surveying an anomaly may be uncovered which can take varying amounts of time depending on the assigned scientists skill level. The science ship can also scan debris from space battles which will give the technology that the destroyed ships had.

Finally science ships can boost the research output of a planet, with higher level scientists providing a higher boost.